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Youthful brazilian male models
Brazilian male models
So we met Rafael during his lunch break, where he was working as a painter decorator. This dark handsome, youthful Brazilian could be as easily a scally or a jock. He has a body to be reckoned with; From his cut to death abs to his lean toned muscle, at first he appears a little timid, as he enjoys his body, in a sensual and smooth manner, but as he lets go and relaxes in front of the camera, even more, we begin to see a darker side, as he self pleasures and licks his pits. He gets even hotter and shows his dirtier sluttier side of his manhood, as he strokes to a clímax, cum catching in his foreskin, and overflowing, while he tugs a handfull of his own balls. One to watch for sure!


There are times when the daily 9 to 5 grind at work can get a little stressful. Annoying coworkers, endless e-mails, micromanaging bosses—sometimes all you need in the office is a good fuck. What if you could screw that hot guy who works down in the mail room? Or have your cock sucked by the sexy new intern in accounting? With Men Hard at Work, inter-office fantasies like these happen all the time! At this office, it’s when you clock in that the fun really begins.
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Mail boy Kevin Gotti is making his daily rounds when he discovers a very stressed out Wolf Hudson. The package Wolf was expecting hasn’t arrived, so Kevin helps him out by working on his package instead.

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When Adam Hart hits the gym he goes makes sure he works out every part of his body ,paying extra attention to his ‘love muscle’. Now that’s what I call a full body workout!

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