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Tattooed, cute looking stud Exilir is a real delight to look at – yet alone see him take cock! He invites Richard Vettori to come over for a spot of relaxation via a chat room. No sooner has he opened the door than their lips are all over one another. Richard can’t get enough of Exilir’s smooth bubble butt and is goes down on at the next possible moment before loosening it up and then pumping his big dick inside him. Richard’s cock is a proper mouthful – and really goes like a volcano when his balls finally release!


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It’s Amateur Stripper Night at Club GGC, and as if these guys actually needed any inspiration, they’re first shown the ropes by a hot-as-fuck GGC professional, and that proved to be more than sufficient to get the gay party going for most. A little bit of liquid encouragement later and they’re all ready to party down – you can’t stop these guys from strutting their stuff on stage at that point, but some of them have already lost ALL their inhibitions in the heat of the moment and start whipping out their third legs and pointing it towards any nearby hole. Oh how quickly these guys go from a classy night at the bar to animals getting ready to unleash their sexual fury all over each other! The “stripping” has only just begun and at this rate you may not be able to make it to the next update! GGC rockin’ this club – ‘nough said.


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Patrick Rouge is the second slave chosen for training. He is a power bottom and former military. He should do well. His handler is our very own Tyler Saint. I sometimes call him affectionately Mr. Tyler. No matter what, Tyler Saint has cock and muscles that won’t stop. If you have seen Part One, the Cock’s Creed and the Slave Positions are repetitive. They are annoying. They are used for the first slave training. I hope this is the last you will see of the Cock’s Creed. From Part One: Life always moves forward, and changes are afoot in the Armory. Clans at and have united in order to gain access to the exclusive realm of The House of Detention is now called simply “The House.” BoundGods has been invited to host a formal dinner party on TheUpperFloor, which will be broadcast live online. Every few months, two applicants will compete for UpperFloor slave status, and BoundGods viewers will vote for the winner. At the end of the year, these winners will compete for the final time for the 2010 KinkMan of the Year Title. I’m training the slaves for the event with the help of my “handlers,” a daunting task given such a short period of time. It’s a crash course and it’s a bit repetitive. Many things can and will go wrong. Oh, the beauty of real life!


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So we met Rafael during his lunch break, where he was working as a painter decorator. This dark handsome, youthful Brazilian could be as easily a scally or a jock. He has a body to be reckoned with; From his cut to death abs to his lean toned muscle, at first he appears a little timid, as he enjoys his body, in a sensual and smooth manner, but as he lets go and relaxes in front of the camera, even more, we begin to see a darker side, as he self pleasures and licks his pits. He gets even hotter and shows his dirtier sluttier side of his manhood, as he strokes to a clímax, cum catching in his foreskin, and overflowing, while he tugs a handfull of his own balls. One to watch for sure!


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Nice guy Dean Tucker battles the sarcastic and careless James Hamilton. Dean Tucker is a sweetheart — but don’t let that fool you when he steps on to the mat. He packs a surprising arsenal of moves from his days as a college kick boxer, and there’s nothing nice about the way he unleashes them. James brings his street-fighting mentality to the Naked Kombat ring, but it only goes to show that you need more than an attitude to stay on top here. Yes – he’s the bad-ass in the Naked Kombat opening titles. A close match throughout, you won’t want to miss the final mud round in which each combatant is covered from head-to-toe, and is made to abandon their strengths in favor of anything that will keep them from being the bottom.


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Buff bodies and hard dicks, these window cleaners eye each other up through the glass and tough Rod teases the sexy Thierry with his throbbing hard on so much they jump inside and he gets it slapped around his face, sucking on the rock solid piece of meat. Both hairy guys get really hot for each other and their thick dicks stand proud of their muscular bodies ready to be put to good use. Fit stud Thierry is a gorgeous guy and seeing him get fucked by hunky Rod will get you shooting like a waterfall.


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Are we ready for another hard-slamming match? Tough boy Christian Owen is all muscle and cock, but he lacks fighting skills. Lexx Scott shows up with his own singlet, ready to fight. Christian’s only strategy is to hang on tight. During the match, all hell breaks loose as Christian is relentless in his use of headlocks and leg scissors. One fighter turns the other into a bitch for the day and fucks him in the end.


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If you have a fondness for eternal sexy blondness then two blond hot lads by the river bank will bring joy to your eyes. Both are slim and smooth and the taller one has quite a meaty cock, one which the shorter haired one eats like it’s his favourite lunch time snack, (it’s enough to make your mouth water). Both guys end up shooting their juices but sadly no cum in the mouth, but never mind, they are blond and gorgeous.


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Cameron tried to get a loan at a local office but got denied. By the look on his face he was a pretty desperate guy. We offered him to lend some money from us with no interest. Without questioning us he agreed and Al got his money’s worth. He fucked this broke ass boy hard and long so he’ll remember what the consequences are for spending all your money.

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Rocco has a go at a younger, smoother boy, fingering his smooth butt in great close-up shots, first one finger, then two, ready for his thick dick to slide into. Squatting over Rocco’s face, getting a great rimming before sliding down on his shaft, The cute lad is rock solid as his butt gets pounded, slapping against Rocco’s legs as he bounces up and down, grinding back against it, feeling as much meat get inside him.

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Set in a hot tub in the European Alpine on a large terrace of a beautiful home. The 3 gay studs jock decide to go for a warm bath but they sure lose focus when they see each others body. The blow jobs are spectacular and you will wish to be there and get your own cock tangled in the party. This scene is all about cock sucking and finishes up with a nice fuck on a sunny day.

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Drew the pilot is back in town again! He just flew in an hour ago but he’s already got a fat cock in his mouth. Now he’s sucking on Elliot’s fat tool. Twink Elliot is a horny pretty boy who wants to fuck and cum all day long!

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Physically, he is amazingly ripped with lean muscle, with huge veins (not only on his cock), he has wonderfully hairy arms, a huge broad hairy chest, massive hairy legs, big bullet nipples, and sometihng I personally like to see, but am never brave enough to do myself….he doesn’t shave his balls (and maybe I am going to try to follow that fashion) Antonio is a personal trainer, back home in Paris, and is the life partner of Marco Salqueiro. I have a feeling that if he was my trainer, I wouldn’t get much workout done, between his laughter and gaping at his body! Hot!

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These gay muscle hunks are what it’s all about, Bubba has a sexy salt and pepper goatee whilst his lover is a hunky full bearded guy, and both have hot hairy, tattooed bodies and shaved heads. Enjoy getting as much hardcore sex out of each other, our hairy hunks lick and kiss every part of each others body, GB Bear coated in a blanket of fur and both sporting hot jockstraps, giving easy access to their dicks and hairy butts!! Eating ass is one of their favourite pastimes, especially as they get it lubed up, ready to slip their rock hard dicks in, totally bareback, feeling every inch get deeper inside.

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There’s some plot thing about paint balling, as if any of you perv’s care. They’ve found a cute black boy, smooth, toned, with just the most enormous cock, which he uses with near lethal force first on superstar Cam Jackson, blond, bronzed muscle god, and then another young, smooth cutie in a bandana The black boy looks seriously hot in his military fatigues, and he fucks like a pneumatic drill, made all the hotter by the lack of condoms (unsafe, but then most of my favourite things are).Scene ends with Cam’s angelic face getting covered in fresh spunk.

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Male teacher Mr. Owens had a crush on Sam for a while. During classes he asked him to come over when school was out as he needed to discuss certain matters. When Sam came in Owens said he knew Sam had paid someone to make his last project. Only way Owens wouldn’t spill the beans if he could abuse Sam’s ass for 30 something minutes. Sam was willing to give it a try and took his cock down his throat and balls deep up his virgin ass.
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